Seneca Fabricators

Seneca Fabricators is a welding and metal fabrication, machine and maintenance organization. We provide maintenance, repairs, new fabrication and do mechanical projects for industrial and heavy commercial plants as well as for the general public.

Seneca Fabricator's work force averages over 25 years experience in a number of diversified fields. We are capable of providing you with the experience required to get the job done right and on time.

We specialize in the building of special machines, repair and maintenance, retrofits, equipment moving, and new installations. We provide salvage and demolition services. Certified welders are available as well.

Seneca Fabrication is capable of fabricating, repairing or relocating many types of equipment, such as:

Conveyors Structural Misc.
Belt Catwalks Bins
Screw Platforms Hoppers
Drag Handrails Panels
Vibrating Grating Controls
Pneumatic Ladders Drives
Elevator Cages Tanks
    Safety Guards

Many of the projects for Seneca Fabricator's diversified customer base require the use of metals such as:

carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, abrasion resistant steels and other types of specialty metals in virtually every shape and size.

To aid in processing these metals, our facilities include a 1/2" plate 10' sheer, a 14' 200 ton press break, an iron worker, drill presses, milling machine, spot welder, pipe threaders, welding equipment and other misc. equipment and tools.

We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week in our facility or on site to accommodate any emergency our customers may have. We would like to hear about requirements, whether your needs be custom sheering and bending or large turnkey projects. Our prompt response and expert service will meet all of your expectations.