Steel Erection Services

Whether you are the owner of a project, a general contractor or a sub-contractor, you will find Seneca Steel Erectors to be an excellent company to work with. We have the manpower, experience and equipment that will guarantee your project's success. With literally millions of dollars invested in tools and equipment, Seneca Steel crews come fully prepared to get the job done with speed, efficiency, safety and professionalism. We have two physical locations where you can always reach us along with 24hr / 7day emergency numbers when your project begins.

Why so much equipment?

Depending solely upon rental companies for equipment can result in delays and added cost to the jobs. We have found by owning and maintaining our own equipment, it actually costs us less in the long run and provides many benefits for our customers. We can generally come in with a lower bid than a company that rents everything and we always have control over the equipment which generally means a smoother, more efficient completion of projects.


Not only do we comply with all OSHA standards, but we have numerous safety programs in effect. We do drug testing and every week all personnel meet where safety items are addressed. We have our own safety inspector / director that visits job sites and monitors and enforces all safety programs.