Design/Build Steel Buildings

No matter what type of building you are considering, it would be wise to take a look at some of the many options that are now available with steel buildings. We can customize a building in thousands of different ways to meet your own unique needs. Steel building structures go up fast, look attractive, hold up well over time, hold their value, generally cost less than other types of structures and the list goes on. We would be happy to explore with you what some of your options might be. Seneca Steel is a franchised dealer for Nucor Steel Buildings for Central Ohio and we can also with you on other types of building construction.

Our lead estimator, Jerry Kingham, has been serving Columbus businesses, engineers and architects for over 30 years. His experience has proven to be invaluable to so many owners because he has worked in every facet of the business from drafting, to designing, to managing major projects. He can help to guide you through the process of building a new building or expanding your old one. Give us a call today.