Company History

Getting the job done.

Seneca Steel Erectors, Inc. (SSEI) started out as a steel erection and heavy rigging company in 1988.  Assembling steel buildings, steel infrastructure, and moving large obstacles with big equipment and working with steel was their specialty from the beginning. 

In the mid-nineties, through a relationship with a stoker parts distributor, SSEI began a stoker division to perform numerous stoker maintenance and repair projects throughout North America.  By specializing on the stoker area of large industrial boilers, SSEI was able to assemble a crack team of men and equipment specifically for the task.  Whenever a stoker needed service, they would transport their own experienced men, machines, tools (including many hand-crafted custom tools), parts, etc. to the job site. Compared to a local company that might do these projects sporadically, the Seneca team would arrive much more prepared for the task.  At the time of this write-up, some of the men on the teams have worked on as many as a hundred stoker rebuilds.  They proved able to get the project done in less time, with a higher degree of safety, with less disruption to the other workers and the job was done right when the team was finished. 

This same philosophy of bringing to the jobsite an overwhelming force of qualified men and equipment has been utilized through the structural steel division and the heavy rigging divisions as well. As a result Seneca Steel has earned an excellent name. Check out some of our testimonials. With regards to the heavy rigging division they enjoy the jobs others say can't be done. Check out this story!